Can You Name these countries by Facts?

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Can you name the these countries by Facts??

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Tituba and Rihanna are from this state, Part of Carribean
Middle Eastern Country, Majority is muslim, Part of 6 day war
Africa, South, island, Speaks french and malgasy, Tropical weather, The movie.....
Us helped this country deafeat the north side in a war, Not a big Country in Asia
It Was Siam At a Point, Capital is Bangkok
Has the smallest population in the world, and Is the smallest country in the world
2010 winter olympics, Ottawa is capital, right above the country i live in
Has the two holiests muslim sites in the whole world, Mostly Arab and Afro Asian filling the population
About ThemName Of Country
Mainly muslim as the religion, small population, in asia, Only country in world that starts with Q
Lisbon is capital, colonized Brazil
Has two capitals, Africa, Hasheem Thabeet
South America, RONALDINHO, 2016 summer olympics
World cup, Nelson Mandela
South America, Capital is Santiago
A country taken over by the Nazis, Capital Vienna
The capital is Caracas and Once was named the happiest country in the world

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