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Leader of the Brotherhood in Karda NuiA
Mechanical creatures controlled by KranaB
One of the Bohrok QueensC
Evil Organisation D
Green BarrakiE
Toa of WaterG
Red PirakaH
Stole Mask of ShadowsI
Leader of the Toa Inika/MahriJ
Plant that Makuta madeK
Toa of AirL
Sworn Enemy of the Toa and MatoranM
Toa of EarthN
Toa of EarthO
Toa of StoneP
Black PirakaR
Leader of the Visorak HoardesS
Leader of the Toa NuvaT
Mechanical Creature that policed Metru NuiV
Toa KaitaW
Leader of the PirakaZ

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