Kid Icarus: Uprising Characters by Quotes

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Can you name the Kid Icarus Characters by Their Quotes?

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6I know, right? The mouth on that guy. I'd never talk like that.
6Hey, Pit-Stain.
5Then it hit me: How am I supposed to drive without hands?
15I spend a lot of time on Divinipedia.
17That... was...awesome.
9I will strip of your wings and sever you from the heavens forever.
7The extra 'H' is for 'HAMAZING'!
10Flattery will get you no where. Scratch that, it'll get you a hot date with the Phoenix. Ciao.
14It's just one fight after another, today is just not my day.
AnyYou know how a chicken takes three steps, and then forgets?
2Palutena's little messenger boy. And Magnus, it's always a pleasure.
6I'll take care of him, but only after I finish you!
19You misunderstand. This is no gift.
11Good riddance, human scum. The world is better off without you!
24You're one trial short there, sonny.
9Normally, face-kicking isn't that effective.
25Now, Pitty, that was very NAUGHTY OF YOU!
3So you finished off the others, eh?
18Hey, those are my pants!
AnyBig monsters kill Pit! Grrrrr...

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