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MusicArtistCause of Death
Ragtime PianistNeurosyphilitic Sclerosis
Blues Guitarist/SingerUnkown
Jazz PianistComplications with High Blood Pressure
R&B Singer/PianistCar Accident
Vocalist; DriftersOverdose
Guitarist; Spanky and our GangCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
Rock and Roll SingerOverdose
Guitarist/Mulit-insturmentalist; The Rolling StonesDrowning
Singer; Canned HeatOverdose/Possible Suicide
Guitarists; [Self Titled] Experience/ Band of GypsysAsphyxiation
Singer; Big Brother and the Holding CompanyPossible Heroin Overdose
Singer/Bassist; Dyke and the BlazersMurdered
Singer; The DoorsHeart Failure/Possible Overdose
Soul SingerComplications with Diabetes
Guitarist; Stone the CrowesElectrocution
Keyboards; The Grateful DeadGastrointestinal Hemorrhage
Singer; BloodstoneFell Off Horse and Died Grom Injuries
Organ; ChasePlane Crash
Bassist; The StoogesPulmonary edema
Keyborads/Guitar; BadfingerSuicide
Bassist; Uriah HeepOverdose
SingerCar Accident
Bassist; TriumviratCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
Singer/Guitarist; Big StarCar Accident
Singer; Inner CircleCar Accident
Singer/Guitarist; MinutemenVan Accident
Rock MusicianFall From a Height/Possible Suicide
Formed the Band 'Gray'Speedball Overdose
Drummer; Echo and the BunnymenMotorcycle Accident
Singer; The GitsMurdered
Singer/Guitarist; NirvanaPossible Suicide
Bassist; HoleHeroin Overdose
Guitarist; Manic Street PreachersDisappeared and Presumed Dead
Rapper; Screwed Up ClickMurdered
Rapper; Lost BoyzMurdered
Cuarteto SingerCar Accident
Singer; Ink and DaggerAsphyxiation
Background Singer; Passion FruitPlane Crash
Sound Manipulator; The Mars Volta and De FactoHeroin Overdose
Guitarist; American Head ChangePrescription Drug Overdose
Mexicana Banda SingerMurdered
SingerAlcohol Poisoning
Trumpet; Friendly FiresCardiac Arrest

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