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Overcome, Higher, With Arms Wide Open
Thunderkiss `65, More Human Than Human, Black Sunshine
Stricken, Inside The Fire, Down With The Sickness
Stupid Girl, Suffocate, A Different Kind Of Pain
Redneck, Ruin, Omerta
Deny, Wasting My Time, Throw It All Away
Sad Exchange, First Time, Good Times
Party Hard, Tear It Up, We Want Fun
Two Weeks, This Calling, Six
Alive, Youth Of The Nation, Will You
Giving In, The Way You Like It, Co-Dependant
Saviour, Hero Of War, Prayer of The Refugee
Guerrilla Radio, Killing In The Name, Bulls On Parade
Runnin' Wild, Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast, Diamond In The Rough
Lonely Train, When The Weight Comes Down, Blind Man
Animals, Never Again, Burn It To The Ground
Through The Fire And The Flames, Fury Of The Storm, Heroes Of Our Time
Enemy, Martyr No More, To Kill A Stranger
One, Enter Sandman, Fuel
Bad Day, Hemorrhage (In My Hands), Innocent
Anthem (We Are The Fire), The Rising, Down From The Skies
She Hates Me, Control, Spaceship
Jambi, Sober, Parabol
Cold (But I'm Still Here), Over, Sick Of It
Dig, Happy?, Not Falling
My Curse, Rose Of Sharyn, Starting Over
Got The Life, Twisted Transistor, Blind
Symphony Of Destruction, Hangar 18, Mechanix
Bat Country, Chapter Four, Afterlife
March Of War, Bullet With A Name, Mindtrip
Hard To See, Never Enough, The Bleeding
Rollin, My Way, Faith
By The Way, Suck My Kiss, Other Side
Better Man, Last Kiss, Alive
Stillborn, Fire It Up, Born To Lose
Monkey Wrench, All My Life, Everlong
Cochise, Like A Stone, Be Yourself
B.Y.O.B., Chop Suey!, Innervision
I'm So Sick, Fully Alive, Again
Tribute, POD, The Metal
Bring Me To Life, My Immortal, Call Me When You're Sober
Plush, Interstate Love Song, Dead And Bloated
Bodies, Soldiers, Step Up
Black Hole Sun, Spoonman, Outshined
For You, Outside, Mudshovel
Headstrong, Still Frame, Stand Up
Hell Yeah, Light It Up, Slowburn
Just Like You, Home, Break
Lit Up, Rescue Me, Crazy Bitch
Rise Today, Open Your Eyes, Metalingus
Like It Is, Pride, Halo
Slither, Fall To Pieces, She Builds Quick Machines
Praise, Angel's Son, Prodigal Son
I Stand Alone, Awake, Whatever
Getting Away With Murder, Last Resort, Lifeline
Remedy, Fake It, Fine Again
Beautiful Mourning, Supercharger, The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
Weak And Powerless, Judith, The Outsider
Devour, Heroes, Fly From The Inside
Edgecrusher, Powershifter, Slave Labour
Megalomaniac, Pardon Me, Nice To Know You
Walk, Cowboys From Hell, A New Level
What I've Done, Numb, In The End
Wait And Bleed, Duality, Psychosocial
Superstar, Click Click Boom, King Of The Stereo
mOBSCENE, The Dope Show, Beautiful People
I Don't Care, I'm Not Jesus, Worlds Collide
Check My Brain, Them Bones, Man In The Box
I Will Not Bow, Polyamorous, The Diary Of Jane
Dragula, Feels So Numb, Foxy Foxy
Downfall, Running From Me, Stronger
When Worlds Collide, V Is For Vampire, Free
Tears Don't Fall, Scream Aim Fire, Hearts Burst Into Fire
Wasteland, Through The Iris, Beautiful
The Red, Jars, The Clincher

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