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Describe Sleep in 3 words
What are the main two purposes for sleep?
What word best describes most voluntary muscles during sleep?
Which 4 main systems of the body undergo repair during sleep?(1)
In which 2 classes of the 5 main classes of animal, do all of the the species sleep?
What happens to the metabolism in sleep?
By what approximate percentage range is this change in metabolism?
What are the 2 broad types of sleep amongst mammals and birds?
some research groups have divided NREM sleep into how many stages?
What 2 names may be given to the last stage of sleep in NREM sleep?(1)
In which N stage of NREM sleep does 'Deep Sleep' occur?
In a standard night of sleep, what is the order of sub stages and stages of sleep?
Does deep sleep occur relatively early or late in the sleep cycle?
Does REM sleep occur later or earlier in the sleep cycle?
What technique was used to first record the different stages of sleep and the spectrum of wakefulness to deep sleep?
What does the aforementioned technique do?

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