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Can you name the missing word in these sayings, phrases, cliches?

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'Time is _____'
'A _____ saved is a _____ earned'
'_____ killed the cat'
'The _____ _____ gets the worm'
'So close, but no _____'
'Fight _____ with _____'
'Head over _____'
'_____ in a haystack'
'Throw in the _____'
'Wild _____ chase'
'Break the _____'
'Beat a dead _____'
'A _____ on your shoulder'
'All _____ to me'
'Going _____ (on a date)'
'Faster than greased _____'
'Knock your _____ off'
'_____ with one eye open'
'A man of few _____'
'Still learning the _____'

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