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Dont leave home without it
'I liked it so much I bought the company.'
Im Margie. Fly me
Be the first to know
Put a tiger in your tank
Inteligence Everywhere
Washing machines live longer with ......
The future's bright, the future's ......
Beanz meanz .....
The Ultimate Driving Machine
Im Lovin it
Dont live a little live a .....
A .... a day helps you work rest and play
When you say ........., youve said it all
See what you can do with...
Just do it
Lifes Good
Stick Together
Connecting People
The joy of .....!
Id rather have a bowl of .... ....
Its the real thing
Eat Fresh
Keep hunger locked up till lunch
Vorsprung durch Technik/ Progress through technology
Be Inspired
Probably the best lager in the world
The milk chocolate that melts in your mouth - not in you hand
'I'd rather die of thirst than drink from the cup of mediocrity
Fun anyone?
The best a man can get
Have it your way
Thats why mums go to .......
Fluent in finance
Because im worth it
Finger Licken good
Let your fingers do the walking
..... Inside
The worlds local bank
The best tires in the world have ........ written all over them
It keeps going and going and going

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