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CharactersProgramLast New Episode Broadcasted
Seth Bullock, Al Swearengen, Whitney Ellsworth2004
Joe Buck, Artie Lange2009
Barbara Henrickson, Nicolette Grant, Margene Heffman2009
Paul Weston, Laura, Kate Weston2009
Robert F. Sink, Richard Winters, Ron Livingston2001
Lucius Vorenus, Pompey Magnus, Mark Antony2007
Cheryl David, Jeff Greene, Susie Greene 2009
Bryant Gumbel, Mary Carillo, Bernard Goldberg2009
Jemaine Clemaine,Mel, Greg2009
Paulie Gualtieri, Christopher Moltisanti,Dr. Jennifer Melfi 2007
CharactersProgramLast New Episode Broadcasted
Eric Murphy, Billy Walsh, Lloyd Lee2009
Clown, Cogliostro, Spawn 1999
Miguel Alvarez, Leo Glynn, Augustus Hill2003
Bob Costas, Bryant Gumbel, Dan Marino2008
Borat Sagdiyev, BrĂ¼no, Alistair Leslie Graham2004
Sam Merlotte, Arlene Fowler, Bill Compton2009
David James Fisher, Federico Diaz, Billy Chenowith2005
Stevie Janowski, Dustin Powers, Cassie Powers2009
Jimmy McNulty, Norman Wilson, Cedric Daniels2008

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