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DescriptionDog Phrase
Container used for leftovers
A show on A&E featuring a family as they try to capture fugitives
Laboring very hard
A common deciduous tree
A torrential downpour
2008 movie based on the book Q&A
1975 movie with Al Pacino
A human tower of people crushing those on the bottom
Dilbert's pet
Nickelodeon show involving a conjoined animal
DescriptionDog Phrase
Best with ketchup and mustard...maybe relish
A world in which people fight for themselves only and will hurt other people
1992 Quentin Tarantino movie
Brewery based in Maryland
Cartoon featuring a superhero canine
Name Ceasar Millan may better be known as
Folding down the corner of a book in lieu of a bookmark
Rapper known for Gin n' Juice
2006 movie with Justin Timberlake
The hottest days of a certain season

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