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Lawyer who was murdered by Miguel Prado?
Where do Paul's parents bring Aster and Cody?
Who escaped Dexter's first attempt to kill him?
The Blood on Miguel Prado's shirt came from which animal?
What does Rita constantly eat when she's pregnant
Who does Dexter choose as his sponsor?
What is the name of Quinn's C.I.
What fake name did Dexter give Arthur Mitchell?
Dexter's real father spent most of his time doing what?
What does Dexter bring his co-workers everyday?
Who saw Rita kiss Elliot?
What is the name of Dexter's boat
What is the name of Dexter's bowling team
Who shot Deb and Lundy?
Who get married during season 4?
Who is killed at the end of season 4?
What does Dexter catch Quinn taking from a crime scene?
Dexter gets ride of his Ford Taurus and gets a what?
What kind of orange does Dexter squeeze in the opening theme?
Who Kills Arthur Mitchell?
Does Deb choose Lundy or Anton?

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