Who has a longer Wikipedia Page?

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Can you name the category with the longer wikipedia page?

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Jesus vs Moses
Mario vs Sonic (characters not games)
Rice Krispies vs Cheerios
Peanut Butter vs Chocolate
Iraq vs Iran
Country vs Jazz
Paper vs Plastic
Bible vs Quran
Sporcle vs Yelp
Sports vs Women
Wheel of Fortune vs Jeopardy
Michael Phelps vs Nancy Kerrigan
Papa Smurf vs Big Poppa
Blue vs Red
Hawaiian Punch vs Donkey Punch
John Basedow vs Billy Mays
Sex vs Marriage
Lemmy vs God
North America vs South America
Salt-n-Pepa vs Kris Kross
ToeJam & Earl vs Leisure Suit Larry
Salsa vs Seltzer

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