English Monarchy Succession

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Can you name the relationships of these English monarchs to their predecessors?

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MonarchRelationship To Predecessor
William II (succeeded William the Conqueror)
Henry I (succeeded William II)
Stephen (succeeded Henry I)
Henry II (succeeded Stephen)
Richard I (succeeded Henry II)
John (succeeded Richard I)
Henry III (succeeded John)
Edward I (succeeded Henry III)
Edward II (succeeded Edward I)
Edward III (succeeded Edward II)
Richard II (succeeded Edward III)
Henry IV (succeeded Richard II)
Henry V (succeeded Henry IV)
Henry VI (succeeded Henry V)
Edward IV (succeeded Henry VI)
Edward V (succeeded Edward IV)
Richard III (succeeded Edward V)
Henry VII (succeeded Richard III)
Henry VIII (succeeded Henry VII)
Edward VI (succeeded Henry VIII)
Jane (succeeded Edward VI)
MonarchRelationship To Predecessor
Mary I (succeeded Jane)
Elizabeth I (succeeded Mary I)
James I (succeeded Elizabeth I)
Charles I (succeeded James I)
Charles II (succeeded Charles I)
James II (succeeded Charles II)
Mary II (jointly succeeded James II)
William III (jointly succeeded James II)
Anne (succeeded William III)
George I (succeeded Anne)
George II (succeeded George I)
George III (succeeded George II)
George IV (succeeded George III)
William IV (succeeded George IV)
Victoria (succeeded William IV)
Edward VII (succeeded Victoria)
George V (succeeded Edward VII)
Edward VIII (succeeded George V)
George VI (succeeded Edward VIII)
Elizabeth II (succeeded George VI)

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