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Who created James Bond?Arts/Literature
What desert surrounds Las Vegas?Geography
What novel did Universal Studios pay Michael Crichton $2 million for before it was even published?Entertainment
How many squares are there on a checkerboard?Random
Who played the godfather in the movie 'The Godfather'?Entertainment
Where were scissors believed to be first invented?History
How many equal sides are there on a scalene triangle?Science/Math/Nature
What is the point value of the letter K in Scrabble?Random
What year was the first book of the 'Bourne Trilogy' series first published?Arts/Literature
What agricultural crop is Cuba's main export?Geography
In what country is the Parthenon located?Geography
What is November's birthstone?Science/Nature
What was Pinocchio's father's name?Arts/Literature
What is the capital of Germany?Geography
Who was prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007?History
When was Coca-Cola first introduced?Random
How many U.S. states are there?Geography
Who played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars movies?Entertainment
How many stars appear on the Australian flag?Geography/History
Who was the voice of Donkey in the movie Shrek?Entertainment

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