Fractured Prune Donuts

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Can you name the Fractured Prune Donuts?

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Banana Glaze/Nuts/Cinnamon & Sugar
Raspberry Glaze/Mini Chip/Coconut
Blueberry Glaze/Powdered Sugar
Honey Glaze/Rainbow Sprinkles
Cherry Glaze/Mini Chips
Orange Glaze/Powdered Sugar
Maple Glaze/Cinnamon & Sugar
Lemon Glaze/Sugar
Mocha Glaze/Oreo Crumbs
Mixed Berry Glaze/Cinnamon
Chocolate Glaze/Nuts/Jimmies
Honey Glaze/cinnamon sugar/mini chips
Mint Glaze/Mini Chips
Plane cake donut
Peanut Butter Glaze/Mini Chips
Caramel Glaze/Mini Chips
Honey Glaze/Cinnamon & Sugar
Strawberry Glaze/Graham Cracker/Powdered Sugar
Honey Glaze/Nuts/Mini Chips
Banana Glaze/Nuts/Coconut/Jimmies

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