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'Waking up this time to smash the silence with the brick of self control..'
'Where have all the riots gone as your city's motto gets pulverized?'
'He's talking **** about how it's better way back when; he lives every waking moment as means to an end...'
'I do not mind if all I am is just a friend to you..'
'I sit down here on the hard concrete, think of my future now;'
'I want to take a ride to the great divide, beyond the 'up to date' and the neo-gentrified...'
'Prototypes of what we were went full circle 'til I'm nauseous..'
'I love you more right now than I've ever loved before..'
'In the latest genocide the new seasons come and go at the dog and pony show...'
'All I want is you to understand that when I take your hand its 'cause I want to...'
'Never though I'd see the like of you around this place; What's the special occasion?'
'Not subserviant to you I'm just alright, down classed by the powers that be..'
'Somebody take the pain away, it's like an ulcer bleeding in my brain...'
LyricSong TitleAlbum
'A cheap hat and cigarettes, and a peculiar name...'
'Seventeen and strung out on confusion, trapped inside a roll of disillusion..'
'Remember to learn to forget - whiskey shots and cheap cigarettes...'
'Put a beltsander against my skin, I want to feel pain all over my body..'
'We are the kids of war and peace, from Anaheim to the Middle East...'
'Stuffed in a coffin 10% more free - red light special at the mausoleum...'
'Where there's truth, you know I'll be there amongst the lies...'
'Careful when I'm taking this next corner, don't want anybody wasting beer...'
'But no-one was there... I went to your room...'
'It's a 1 2 3 on the felony, well not everything is free...'
'Where is it going? (It has a beginning) Where has it been? (It has an end)'
'You're a blur of my dead past and rotting existence'
'How many feelings can you steal? Gotta be part of your appeal...'

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