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What is the name of Cartman's band?
What does Jimmy always do for the talent show?
What is the name of Satan's boyfriend?
Whos comeback concert does Jesus invite everyone to for the new millennium?
What is the last name of the temporary 4th grade teacher that teach the kids' class?
What show does Kenny get hooked on when he becomes lame?
A ginger is a person with...
What is the name of Stan, Kyle, and Kenny's band?
What is it called when you get high on cat pee?
What TV show does Cartman get on in the episode Tsst?
What does the gang do to get Canada more money?
What type of business does Butters start after he gets his first kiss?
What is the name of Stan's mom?
What is the name of the girl bar Mrs. Garrison goes to?
'I'm super'...

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