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DefinitionTermExample Pieces
The notes or chords ending a section of music with a feeling of conclusiveness.Pope Marcellus Mass
Time between notesEvery Piece ever
A person whose job it is to 'hold' notes for a long period of time, hence the name.N/A
A musical TEXTURE where one line starts a bit after another.Marenzio's Zefiro Torna
Multiple, unsynchronized lines of music at once.Quant en Moi
What you tap your foot to.Do i even need to put an example?
(For Duncan) A boy who, due to a certain surgical operation, can sing soprano or alto parts.N/A
A composition or passage in which a melody is imitated by one or more voices at fixed intervals of pitch and time.Row Row Row Your Boat
A theatrical genre where everything is sung.Dido and Aeneas
A genre of music in which two different poems of identical rhythms overlap one another.Quant en Moi
A relatively short composition to Latin words made up of short sections in homophony and imitative polyphony. Sometimes an addition to the massO Magnum Mysterium
A group of instruments, one that plays chords, another that plays melody.Tornerai from The Coronation of Poppea
ABA or ABA' form.N/A
A secular composition set to a one-stanza poem.As Vesta Was from Latmos Hill Descending
Operatic singing that sounds like speech.Thy hand Belinda from Dido and Aeneas
An extended piece for a solo singer that has much more musical elaboration and coherence than its speech like counterpart.When I Am Laid in Earth from Dido and Aeneas
When two lines of music mutually complete one another.Quant en Moi
A group of instruments that play together that came about in the baroque style periodWinter
The language of a particular area, aka not latin.La Dousa Votz
A religious five section composition.Pange Lingua Mass
Monophonic, Religious, A capella songs named after a pope.In Paradisium
DefinitionTermExample Pieces
A short repeated bass line above which upper instruments or voices play.When I Am Laid in Earth from Dido and Aeneas
A single line of music.Dies Irae
When the music does what the words sayEl Gtillo
A form of music in which homophonic orchestra sections contrast the orchestra and soloist.Winter
A type of text setting in which one syllable corresponds to one note.Pope Marcellus Mass
A genre in which a soloist performs virtuostically alongside an orchestra.Winter
Medieval instrumental dance music.Daphne
Music where each part is played by only one instrument. This was prominent in households.N/A
A style of writing music in which the words were sung in ways that matched the rhythms and melodies of speech.Mille Regrets
Unaccompanied singing, perhaps in a chapel.Alleluia
A form with repeated verses.El Grillo
A style of playing that demonstrates a performer's skill.Winter
A piece with a descriptive title.Winter
A musical form in which an original phrase of music is subtly changed many times over the course of the pieceThe Simpsons Theme
Strophic, Secular songs that usually talked about courtly love.La Dousa Votz
A genre of music in which traditional plainchant melody is stretched out and overlaid with a counterpoint. This is the earliest kind of polyphony.Alleluia Diffusa Est Gratia
An instrumental accompaniment that plays one note throughout the piece.Columba Aspexit
The beginning of homophonic texture being used. Its two pioneers were Dufay and DunstableThe Agincourt Carol
A new movement in which rhythm could be notated and poetic skill was showcased.N/A
A type of text setting in which one syllable corresponds to more than one note.Kyrie
A group of instruments that are usually all the same instrument but of different sizes.N/A

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