Word Ladder: Los Angeles Lakers

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Can you name the four-letter words and four-letter names of Los Angeles Lakers players and coaches?

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✭Guard ____ Bryant✭
The softest part of the ear
To neither win nor tie
Firefighting tool that sprays water powerfully
A cavity or pit
A small, dark blemish on the skin
5,280 feet
Grinds grain into flour
✭Center Jordan ____✭
Chicago Blackhawks legend Bobby ____
To throw with force
To play the Winter Olympic sport that involves sweeping ice
Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder ____ Crawford
✭Forward ____ Clark✭
To make money
Where livestock is kept on a farm
Multiple drinking establishments
Stringed instrument or fish
To hit extremely hard
✭Guard Steve ____✭
To crush
Tall post on a large boat
I close grouping of water droplets
An herb; a popular flavor of chewing gum
Not yours
✭Head Coach ____ D'Antoni✭

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