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Can you name the 4-letter answers on this Spider-Man themed word ladder?

Updated Aug 3, 2014

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Hint4-Letter Word
* Spidey's first love, ____ Stacey *
A deep highland valley
Joyous delight or singing teens
To run away, as a burglar might do after shooting Uncle Ben, for example
Travelled through the air
Fluid motion
Not fast
Part of machine into which coins are inserted
* Lesser-known portal-hopping Spider-foe and dalmatian lookalike *
The length of the Vulture's wings from tip-to-tip
* Original Spidey writer ____ Lee *
Big old ball of flaming gas in space
Burn the surface of something
Kiss From A Rose singer
Buy's antonym
Strange and Doom's destination in Triumph & Torment
Yorkshire town or outer body of a ship
Spidey's giant green Avengers comrade
Handsome, usually muscly, man
* Kraven's Last ____ *
Cause pain (or a Nine Inch Nails song)
Hint4-Letter Word
* Dr. Connors' first name *
Usually two-wheeled vehicle, often drawn by horses
Small, pointed object thrown at a bullseye
* Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the ____ *
* Marvel Knights Spider-Man writer ____ Millar *
* Spidey's one-time wife [first half] *
Item for sale
Shrink or decrease, as with moon size
* Spidey's erstwhile spouse [second half] *
Sixth month of the year
Sand hill
* Randy Savage's character in 2002's film adaptation, ____ Saw McGraw *
To make a hole through something uninteresting
* Oft-derided Spider-Man storyline One ____ Day *
A small speck, particularly of dust in the air
Musical sound or memorandum
Haves and Have-____
Fishing meshes
* Spidey's preferred mode of transport, fired from “shooters” on his wrists *

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