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Can you name the movies by the haiku description of their plots?

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Kid's on heroin/Mom will be on TV show/No-one ends up well
Roman general/Father to a murdered son/He will have revenge
Young Russian princess/Runs away with serving boy/Rasputin gets mad
Through the hidden door/Ev'ryone has the same face/What a puppeteer
Both Frank and Denzel/Caught up in some evil scheme/They aren't in control
What a brainy girl/Shame she's locked in the chokey/Send me on my way
Liam will find you/If you don't free his daughter/And he will kill you
Rich and handsome chap/Shouldn't have got in that car/Where is tech support?
Bud Fox trades in stocks/Taken under idol's wing/Learns that greed is good
Dapper British spy/Meets a Jamaican dragon/Honey from the sea
A tragic true tale/Hutus hunting the Tutsis/Many refugees
Miles to Chicago/They have a full tank of gas/And some sunglasses
Female boxer trains/That's not how you use a stool/Tough call now for Clint
TV presenter/Tells the world to take a stand/You've got to get mad
College janitor/Brighter than most of the class/Robin's protege
Underground boxing/Brad Pitt's a gypsy scrapper/Turkish finds a gem
It's the civil war/Will Gable and Leigh make it?/”I don't give a damn”
Tale as old as time/French maid hooks up with monster/Candelabrum sings
Dystopian state/How can he be in the wrong/If he is the law?
Magical nanny/And a spoonful of sugar/Cheer the children up

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