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*Title of second arc, ____ Games*
Rotting, earthy vegetation
Small green vegetables
Writing implements
Belonging to Barbie's male counterpart
*Title of fourth arc, ____ to the Kingdom*
Turkish chieftains
Homosexuals (informally)
Rappers' guns
A door for your garden
Loathing, animosity
To possess
*The Drowning ____, visited by Kinsey and Scott in Crown of Shadows #2*
Coastal inlet
Encryption, cipher
*The youngest Locke child*
The opposite of to interest
Legends, beliefs and oral history of a culture
*Title of first arc, Welcome to ____craft*
An ore deposit in a mine
Method, Depeche ____
Authority figures who monitor posts on forums
Makes the sound of a cow
An unrefined, clumsy churl
Collection of bound paper, often containing writing or illustrations
Colloquial term for to have sex
Where money is stored
Front's antonym
*____ Wells, pseudonym of Lucas Caravaggio*

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