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*Fantastic Four creator ____ Lee*
Astral body
*____ Nineteen, team that first appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four #33*
*Mr Fantastic*
*What you might do to a Fantastic Four comic*
Honey wine
Fix, repair
Weapon buried under the ground
Small circulation publication
*The Negative ____*
Eat a meal
Folder, tool for smoothing metal
1760 yards
*Fantastic Four subterranean foe, ____ Man*
To shed feathers or fur (US spelling)
*Leader of the Inhumans, Black ____*
Military shoe
Underground part of a tree
*The place where the Future Foundation discuss the problems they wish to solve*
*Latverian ruler Doctor ____*
*First Marvel Knights Fantastic Four trade, Wolf at the ____*
Gloomy, sullen
*Rival team created by Wizard, The Frightful ____*
To commit an offence in a sport
Young horse
Fossil fuel
Item of clothing worn outdoors
To talk idly
Slang compliment
Incompetent fool, idiot
American male college student, ____ boy
Worry, metal bar on guitar neck
Without charge
*Blue-skinned aliens first appearing in Fantastic Four #65*
Leg joint
To have been aware of
Present tense of previous word
Winter precipitation
Nasal mucus
Blemish, location
Argument, expectorated
What you might have done to a letter
Camping shelter
Hue, to colour slightly
Fork prong
1/6 of an octave
*Future Foundation Moloid*
Short's antonym
Narrow rural road
Cord used to tie shoes
Absence, omission
*Fantastic Four creator ____ Kirby*

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