Batman Word Ladder

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Can you name the rungs in these Batman-themed word ladders?

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Ladder 1: 4 letters
Batman's back-breaking foe 
Explosive sound effect 
____ and blast that filthy stinking fox 
Respiratory organ 
Cask Stopper 
Of parliament or jury, when neither side has the majority 
Stud, lump 
Casing of rice 
Bandaged Batman villain 
Ladder 2: 4 letters
Batman: The Brave and the ____ 
Hairless person 
Illegal action in baseball 
Turn a boat's bow through the wind 
Front's antonym 
Dollar, informally 
Method of eating a lollipop 
Anatidaean bird 
Character who has been Robin, Nightwing and Batman 
Ladder 3: 4 letters
Jason Todd altar ego, Red ____ 
Sound of an owl 
Person throwing a party 
Used for watering gardens 
With 'change' and 'progress,' Obama's poster caption 
Deal with 
Part of Batsuit 
Hats associated with baseball 
Nickname of fourth batgirl 
Selina Kyle's favourite animals 
Ladder 4: 5 letters
Batman's sidekick 
Creator of The Thinker 
Political philosopher and writer of De La Republique 
London-based mail-order clothing company 
Ciphers, encryptions 
'Can' or 'be able to' in Spanish 
Texas Hold-'Em or Five Card Draw 
Batman rogue played by Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson 

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