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Can you name the original avengers and the words that connect them?

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*Founding avenger, ____ Man*
Disney film set inside a computer
Informal name of an animated show
Fool, madman
Closed curve, Rollercoaster component (____ the ____)
Swag, stolen goods or money
Found's antonym
What you might do to a letter
Elegant, upper-class
Informal term for money
Run hurriedly
*Founding avenger Janet's alias*
Small streak of smoke
Desire, sometimes granted by genies
Aquatic creature
New Avenger, Iron ____
Opposite of future
Section, piece
Pub projectile
Osborn's ____ Avengers
Damp, dark and cold
*Founding avenger, ____ Pym*
Attractive man
*Green founding avenger*
Main body of a ship
Opposite of heaven
Show and ____
Dark greenish-blue
“____ she blows!”
*Godly founding avenger*

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