William McNulty's Dracula

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Can you name the character's from William McNulty's Dracula?

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A lunatic of unique appetites, and an unfortunate sense of humor.
A vicious supernatural demon; the shape assumed by Dracula when he isn't concerned about appearances.
A beautiful undead woman in her late twenties.
Dr. Seward's loyal assistant; Irish.
An older man, still in good physical condition, with a razor mind, and an intense interest in the supernatural.
An intelligent, fine young Englishman in his early thirties; The former fiance of the late Mina Grant.
A brute who revels in the pain and suffering that he brings to others.
Three Vampiresses with seductive ways, and dire purposes.
Female, between 7 & 10; wears a communion dress.
An attendant at the asylum; a rough customer, capable of violent behavior.
A lovely young Englishwoman; extremely intelligent, and when not being drained of blood on a regular basis, can be quite vivacious.
A young solicitor; he is handsome, impetuous, and madly in love with Lucy.

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