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the lyricsthe missing wordthe band/artist
another turning point a fork ... in the roadgreen day
i still wake up i ... see a ghostfun
... all my troubles seemed so far awaybeatles
hey ... lady, oh oh oh oh ohpsy
your the voice try and ... itjohn farnham
would you ... oh please tell me thisenrique iglesias
oh the ... balls were blazing as i stepped into his cagetenacious d
show you off ... i wanna show you offjustin bieber ft nicki minaj
i wanna kiss you but your lips are ... poisonalice cooper
so so what i am a rockstar i got ... rockpink
the lyricsthe missing wordthe band/artist
my my my my music ... me so hardmc hammer
i threw a wish in the well dont ask me i'll ... tellcarly rae jepsen
this ... is bleeding bon jovi
so put your hands down my pants and i bet you'll fell ...bloodhound gang
for you ...olivia newton john
you could be the ... you could be the bestscript ft
daddy i've fallen for a ... he got a black heartstooshe
my first kiss went a ... like this and twist3 oh 3 ft kesha
starships were meant to fly lets do this one ... timenicki minaj
it's all about you, its all about you, its all about you ...mcfly

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