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Can you name the English given names that can be used as verbs?

Updated Aug 27, 2012

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Wishfully thinking.
To steal, or to lift a vehicle.
To put on, such as armor.
'i'-based action often done with the jab of a pencil.
To fizzle or die out.
Slang for vomiting, but not throwing other objects.
To leave an imprint, such as with a writing utensil.
Indicates possibility similar to 'might.'
To penetrate.
To tease without spite; often followed by 'around'/'with.'
Ascended, stood.
To coat/cook with sugar or syrup.
Using the court to punish foes, usually via money.
To fasten, or to categorize somebody.
To repel, often used in the context of evil spirits.
A future tense standby synonymous with 'shall.'
To steal; not used for vehicle lifting.
To trudge through an impediment such as water.
To allow; Robin Williams did it thrice in 1992.
To charge (as in money, not Light Brigade style.)
To tap or stroke, usually to provide comfort.♂/♀
To annoy repeatedly; related to 'harrass.'
Created a picture.♂/♀
To pry open, such as with a crowbar.
To throw with force or carelessness.
To honor; often sarcastically used with 'presence.'
To move up and down.
To come to light, either abstractly or with a horizon.
To sing in a group, almost exclusively in December.
To rush suddenly; a common companion of 'forth.'

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