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Name OriginStage NameGenre
Gordon Solomon thought that a sweater this musician always wore made him look like a yellowjacket.Rock, Pop
Named himself directly after a German composer best known for the opera version of Hansel and Gretel.Pop, Easy
Took his biological father's flowery surname and the name of one of his early bands as his first. May have been chosen as an anagram for an action not friendly for a family site.Hard Rock
Johnny Rotten's hamster bit this musician, who noted its ferocity. The hamster's name is his first, its brutality his last.Punk Rock
Named for one of his early hits about an overweight male; his tile game surname is actually his real last name.R&B, Blues
A variant of his original name referencing his size (the acronym stands for nothing) with an infamous adjective added to the front.Hip Hop
Named for a hearing aid shop that itself was Latin for 'good voice.' The latter word, 'Vox,' was eventually dropped.Rock
Originally used the nickname of Julius Erving, but later modified it to reference his first name.Hip Hop
Used the King of Rock'n'Roll's first name and his paternal grandmother's surname.New Wave
Changed his first name to be more pronounceable in his schooldays; his surname came with the naming of his band, for its close connection with Virgo, his sign.Rock
Derived from Steve Buscemi's unfortunately-named character from Reservoir Dogs; for her, it fits a bit better.R&B, Pop
Rob Fusari compared her vocal style to the lead singer of Queen; he nicknamed her for the band's ode to the radio, even though it was written by the drummer.Pop, Dance
Derived from his initials, although I'm sure the candy had something to do with it.Hip Hop
Name OriginStage NameGenre
His chosen name is 'a metaphor for change.' Think physical.Hip Hop
His real name was already used by the lead singer of the Monkees, so he changed his surname to that of an Alamo hero and the weapon named for him.Rock
His first name comes from a (female) sex symbol; the other is from a notorious murderer.Heavy Metal
James Smith decided that he was cool enough and had enough ladies loving him that he'd incorporate both traits in his stage name.Hip Hop
Named for the villain in the 1979 film 'Mystery of Chessboxing.' The villain didn't appear to be a phantom anywhere, even in the head, but the name still stuck.Hip Hop
While the regal title was added later, this singer's nickname was given to her by a cousin from the Arabic word for 'gentle.'Hip Hop
This artist says that his name came about because 'supposedly Herman Melville was [his] great-great-great-granduncle.'Techno, Dance
His first name comes from his unusual number of finger ornaments; his surname was chosen to be 'cowboyish' and because it resembled his real last name.Rock
Derived from his original neighborhood nickname 'Jazzy,' itself based from his freestyling abilities.Hip Hop
Named for his 'split personality' which is apparently 'ridiculous.' Possibly wanted his real first name to be included in his stage name.Hip Hop
First named for his Big Bad Wolf-like breathing when angry, combined with a synonym for playa. Several shortenings later...Hip Hop
This musician's friends called him this because of his jumpy demeanor; and here I was thinking he was sucking blood.Rock
Was the Master of Ceremonies at several club venues during his stint as a batboy; the rest of his name comes from a comparison to Hank Aaron.Hip Hop

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