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Can you name the NHL Players who scored 50+ points in their final season?

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1967-68Blues, 50 pts
1968-69Black Hawks, 69pts
1970-71Canadiens, 76pts
1977-78Rockies/Pens, 55pts
1978-79Canadiens, 55pts
1980-81Canucks, 61pts
1980-81Penguins, 50pts
1981-82Flames, 68pts
1981-82Sabres, 64pts
1981-82Oilers, 59pts
1982-83Canuck, 63pts
1982-83Nordiques, 52pts
1983-84Flyers, 60pts
1983-84Flyers, 54pts
1984-85Canadiens, 57pts
1984-85Rangers, 51pts
1985-86Nordiques, 53pts
1986-87Islanders, 75pts
1987-88Nordiques, 57pts
1987-88Islanders, 51pts
1988-89Flames, 85pts
1988-89Capitals, 69pts
1989-90Red Wings, 57pts
1989-90Canucks, 57pts
1992-93Lightning, 51pts
1996-97Canucks, 52pts
1997-98Rangers, 62pts
1998-99Rangers, 62pts
2000-01Avalanche, 59pts
2003-04Panthers/Stars, 52pts
2003-04Penguins, 50pts
2005-06Maple Leafs, 60pts
2006-07Islanders, 50pts
2009-10Thrashers, 61 pts
2014-15Rangers, 52pts

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