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What general of the German italian army in North Africa of WW II is nicknamed the 'desert fox'
Which of the following wasn't a central power in WW I? Germany, Ottoman Empire, Russia, Bulgaria, Austria-hungary
How many NATO countries are there?
Capital of Poland
What city that throughout history has had it's name changed to constantinople, splits the East and west?
A serb murdered what Austro-Hungarian princde to kick off WW I
In the american civil war, which state split away to aid the North?
__.4% of european countries are in the European Union
What year was the Warsaw pact formed?
Current communist countries: China. Laos, Vietnam, Cuba, ______
What caused the government of czechoslovakia to change, making it the Czech Republic? (1989)
Who conquered the Achaemenid Empire?
What year did the sinking of the Lusitania take place?
Newest NATO country, joined 2009
Which city in the UAE has the tallest builduing?
Which dictator of the USSR was in office for the longest time?
During the American revolution on the East Coast, what was the Capital of the USA?
Aztec emperor killed by the spanish
During the cold war, the USSR put Nuclear missles in Cuba, what country next to the USSR did the Americans put their's?
The Native Americans origionally came from what country during an Ice age?
Who was the first Republican president of the USA?
Elite soldier of Ancient Persia
The soviets launched what projectile into space in 1957, first satellite
Germany, Romania, Japan, and _______ were the major Axis countries of WW II
The _______ and the Centurion were the names of ancient elite Roman soldiers
Most populated city in switzerland(non capital city)
During the cold war, which country/territory had the most armed revolts? (3)
'Remember the _______' part of the texas revolution
What European country went bankrupt before Greece and Romania, in 2008?
Name the newest Canadian province, declared in 1999
The city alexandria(non-capital, second largest city) is in what African country?
Which country owned Taiwan?
Osama Bin laden was killed in 2012 in which country?
Second biggest city in Germany(It's not Berlin, the capital)
Name of invasion in 1961 in Cuba, initiated by J.F.K.
_______ is the name of the elite soldier in greece during ancient times
Which US state has the most electoral votes?
What French river was fought over between central and allied forces in WW I? M_____
What German invented the idea of comunism?
In the d-day landings, which country took the first beachhead?
Bloodiest battle in WW II, when Germany and Romania met the USSR in what city?
What wall was torn down in 1991 to end the Cold war?
What year did the great depression start?
Genghis Khan lead what empire to conquer half of Asia?
Capital of the Byzantine Empire
'Et tu ________' -Julius Caeser at time of Death
What Chinese city did the UK own for hundreds of years until recently?
The six day war and october war included Egypt, Syria, and Jordan invading what country?
Which Scandinavian country has the lowest population?
Who invented the telliphone?

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