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Europe and Asia, separated by Mountains
North America and Asia, string of Islands in Asia
A little land flows over from europe to Africa
The biggest city is split by a water way through Europe and Asia
Same mountains separating the first, takes the western tip to Europe, and the rest(the east) to Asia
Another string of Islands between Australia and Asia
Northern part expands to barely make it to Asia from Australia
Border between North and South Americas
Announced just years ago that it has a pinch of land in North America, as well as South America
Split by plates, North America and Europe
Split between Africa and Asia, Northeastern strip stretches to Asia
Borders biggest country in the world and is split between Asia and Europe
Split North to South by plates and Mountains, Asia and Europe
Mountains and plates split it between Europe and Asia(middle East)
Africa and Asia, African plate takes the west, and the east goes to Asia
Arabic plate leaves a little over to Africa
Island split between Asia and Australia

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