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Motel money murder madness
What the dormouse said
Nexus of the crisis
A mosquito, my libido
Political breakthrough, euphoria's high
Heard about Pittsburgh, Pa.
She's the passionate one
Picks up Gideon's Bible
We got no class
With them Indiana boys
Smile on a dog
Gotta install microwave ovens
The mainstream of bombers
Where's my Captain's Wafers?
Preacher and the teacher
Mother Nature's silver seed
Pancho drink the wine
Help out the Congolese
Started talkin' about sin
Two ton heavy thing
Castro in the sand
One break- coming up!
On your knees tomorrow
Your price for flight
You ain't a beauty
Nothing equals the splendor
Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright
A trifle too satanic
Vandals took the handle
And doubles on kazoo
My homeroom homeroom angel
We named him 'Baby'
A black-haired flamenco dancer
Sitting on a cornflake
Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
Stupid with a flare
My ship isn't coming
Virgil, quick, come see
Just like cherry cola
Break at the bend
But I'm just backdated
All my past resignations
Flannel for my face
World is a vampire
That book by Nabokov

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