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Origin country of french fries?
Animal camel’s hair brush is really made from?
Origin country of kiwifruit?
Length of the Hundred Years War?
Collected by honey bees?
US state Tennessee Williams was born?
Country of world's largest Spanish-speaking population?
Colony higher in latitude: Upper/Lower Canada?
Month in which most of Oktoberfest takes place?
Season of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'?
Month Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
Animal from which catgut is made?
Color of a purple finch?
Color of blueberry jam?
Animal the Atlantic Canary Islands are named after?
Tree type of the Douglas fir?
Origin country of Panama hats?
First name of King George VI?
Main ingredient of Bombay Duck?
Color of a “black box” in a commercial airplane?

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