Star Wars Obscure Characters

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He doesn't like Luke Skywalker
He doesn't like Luke Skywalker either!
Pessimistic aide to Queen Amidala
Makes some great blue milk
Enslaved exotic dancer
Former Master of the Emperor
Takes one for the team by blowing his circuits
He feels like taking on the whole empire by himself
Hired Jango Fett for cloning job
Pale, ponytailed bounty hunter
Deeply saddened by the deaths of rebel spies
Mother who experienced immaculate conception
Jabba's weak minded servant
Looks beat up for a bounty hunter
Died in explosion while pretending to be a queen
Closest thing Jar Jar Binks could call a friend
Fatty flies too close to death star
Fatty flies close enough to spot Luke in snow
Insults Darth Vader's socerer ways
It's a trap!

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