Turtles and Crocs

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Descriptionfamily/genus/speciescommon name
ridgedloggerhead sea turtle
webbed feet, elongate snoutm no scutes, reduced plastronsofshelled turtle
anapsid skull, shellturtles and tortoises
jagged, but small, ridgedtexas map turtle
whie, big headamerican alligator
smoothgreen sea turtle
double row of peripheriesalligator snapper
groovy plerual scales, ridgedtexas river slider
yelling, rich mahogany, scaly legstexas gopher tortoise
flatter shellmud turtle
jagged posyer edge, very ridgedcagle's map turtle
boxybox turtle
broader snouts, fourth tooth pit like tigeralligators
Descriptionfamily/genus/speciescommon name
huge turtle familyleatherback turtle
freshwater turtlespond/box turtles
huge turtleleatherback turtle
non-uniform scale patternchicken turtle
red ears faded to bluered eared slider
dark , largerspectacled caiman
high domed shell, scaled limbs, hinged plastronsland tortoises
oblong, walk on bottom, barbels, claw tail, stink potmud/musk turtles
plastrons reduced, triridgedsnapping turtles
three ridgescommon snapping turtle
bumpy ridge, speckled skin, bullet holediamondback terrapin
finssea turtles
pointed shellmusk turtle

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