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descriptionfamily/genus/speciescommon name
chess board bellyred-bellied mud snake
looks like a veinrough green snake
shoretened maxilla attached to a single long fang, venom is a cocktail, keeled, viviparousvipers
banded tail plus rattlewestern diamondback rattlesnake
dark head, lighter bodyblotched water snake
speckled underbellygreen water snake
short black tail with rattleblack-tailed rattlesnake
small, back stripesgraham's crayfish snake
brown head, like leptotyphlopsflat-headed/plains blackhead snake
feint spots, fat with skinny, short tailpygmy rattlesnake
dark belly, split anal platecommon kingsnake
very small lie leptotyphlopsearth snake
dark head, speckled backnight snake
light with tan spots edged in darker tanglossy snake
overbitelong-nosed snake
pair of fixed fangs attached to maxillary bone, hollow fangs for venom, alpha neurotocin prohibits AChcoral/cobras/mambas
black with thin bluish longitudinal stripesribbon snake
checkered, divided anal platecheckered garter snake
short square snouts with emphasized nostrilshog-nosed
descriptionfamily/genus/speciescommon name
darker horizontal hour glassestrans-pecos rat snake
very thick and grayishwestern indigo snake
mottled browncottonmouth/water moccasin
huge jar/ bandeddiamond-backed water snake
black and white mottlingpine, gopher, bull snakes
lack pelvic girdle, functional left lung, and coronid bonetypical snakes
large with dark drown rectangleseastern ratsnake
hexagonal scales, blue/grey fadeseastern racer
dark with two light belly stripedglossy crayfish snake
more snakey than wormyring necked snake
long/slender with big buttholewhip snake
immobile upper jaw/craniumblind/thread snakes
small wormytexas threadsnake
black short tailtimber rattlesnake
kinetic skull, mandible articultion with quadratesnakes
broad bandedcopperheads
dots on neck .....dekay's brownsnake
white black white speckledtexas coral snake
white black whitemilksnake

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