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Forced Order
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Animal (O/F/Gs)Order/Family/ Genus speciesCharacteristics
Bottlenose Dolphin -Gs
Eastern Fox Squirrel -Gs
Pocket mice, Kangaroo mice, Kangaroo rats -F
Skunks -F
Nutria -Gs
Plains Pocket Gopher -Gs
American Beaver -Gs
Nine-banded Armadillo
Virginia Opposum - Gs
Deer -F
Javelina -Gs
Whales, dolphins -O
Feral Pig -Gs
rabbits and hares -F
Gray Fox -Gs
Oppossums -O
Bison, goats, muskox, sheep -F
Pocket mice -G
Shrews -F
Eastern Cottontail -Gs
Pronghorns -F
North American Placental
Ghost-faced Bats -F
Cats -F
Hispid Cotton Rat -Gs
Mule Deer -Gs
Animal (O/F/Gs)Order/Family/ Genus speciesCharacteristics
New World Mice/rats, lemmings, voles -F
Peccaries -F
Racoon -Gs
North American Porcupine -Gs
Pygmy Mouse -Gs
White-footed Mouse -Gs
Free-tailed Bats -F
Porcupines -F
Eastern Spotted Skunk -Gs
Pocket Gophers -F
Eastern Mole -Gs
Pouched Animals
Fulvous Harvest Mosue -Gs
Bobcat -Gs
Least Shrew -Gs
Dolphins and porpoises -F
Horses, rhinos, tapirs -F
Ringtail Cat - Gs
Blacktail Jackrabbit -Gs
Whitetail Deer -Gs
Cave Myotis -Gs
Striped Skunk -Gs
Plainnose Bats -F
Southern Short-tailed Shrew -Gs
Animal (O/F/Gs)Order/Family/ Genus speciesCharacteristics
Nutria and Hutias -F
Bears -F
Even-toed Hoofed Mammals -O
American Badger -Gs
Black Bear -Gs
Rodents- O
Pikas, hares, rabbits -O
Ghost-faced Bat -Gs
Pronghorn -Gs
Mexican Free-tailed Bat -Gs
Squirrels, chipmunks, marmots -F
Southern Flying Squirrel -Gs
Beavers -F
Kangaroo rats -G
Odd-teoed Hoofed Mammals -O
Flesh-eaters -F
Bats -O
Eastern Woodrat -Gs
Weasel, Badgers -F
Moles -F
Raccoons, coatis, ringtails -F
Insect Eaters -O
Old World Swine -F
Mountain Lion -Gs
Dogs, wolves, foxes- F
Coyote -Gs

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