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descriptionfamily/genus/speciescommon name
iguana likeiguana like
sphenodon family
dark grey, earhole scalestree lizard
limb loss in this familyalligator lizards, glass lizards
gecko, fixed eyelidsintroduced gekkos
smooth geckoTexas banded gecko
small, charcoal skinkfour-lined skink
rough geckoMediterranean gecko
tiny tan skinkground skink
wide bellies, scales cover earholecollared and leopard lizards
beak headedbeak headed
native geckos, moveable eyelidsnative geckos
texas horned lizardtexas horned lizard
froggy feet, found him in wildtexas spiny lizard
triangular headgreen anole
subdigital lamellae, colorful dewlapanoles
looks like a snake, coiled heavily, longitudinal linesslender glass lizard
descriptionfamily/genus/speciescommon name
no earholesother earless lizards
keeled scalesspiny and fence lizards
faded linessix-lined racerunner
lizards and snakeslizards and snakes
big heads, collarcollared lizards
brown headbroad-headed skink
skink missing some tailgreat plains skink
longitidunal lined into tailtexas spotted whiptail
banded undertail, eyeridgeTexas earless lizard
dark bar anterior to forelimbs, black/grey speckledcanyon spiny lizard
lack toe pads, huge familyhorned lizards, sand/earless lizards, spiny, fence, prairie, tree ;lizards
blotched sidesside-blotched lizard
pale and coiled, thickworm lizards
alligator head on lizard body, square scalestexas alligator lizard
head shields, viviprous, single clutches, osteodermsskinks
blue/gray topfence and prairie lizards

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