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DescriptionFamily/Speciescommon name
x on back, banded legsspring peeper
paratoid glands secrete toxin, warty skintrue toads
look like rhinophrynidae, neck foldnarrow mouthed toads
largest, diminutive legsamphiumas
tiny fore limb, guttedthree-toes amphiuma
respire through mouth and skinnewts
nasolabial groovelungless salamanders
speckled, bluish gray bellyslimy salamander
two gamma bossgulf coast toad
streamline, parallel dorsal lines, spotted, rl-yellow dorsal ridgesouthern leopard frog
fat balloon, rl- orange stripemexican burrowing toad
camo, tan/brown alternate, rl- large yellow spotstiger salamander
pointy nose
 mole salamanders
always in water, webby hind limbs, stipes on back, dorsal lateral ridgestrue frogs
small and gutted, white lipsmexican white-lipped frog
no scalescaecilians
thin/flat/long body, rl-bluish gray mixsmall-mouthed salamander
huge, green head in rlbullfrog
two fore limbssirens
explosive breeders, quick metamorphisspadefoot toads
expanded digits, longer legstree frogs
tympanic membrane not as big as eye, direct development
 southern dusky salamander
DescriptionFamily/Speciescommon name
looks albino, gills externaltexas blind salamander
white stripe on sidegreen treefrog
oval/crescent paratoid, L's bosswoodhouse's toad
striped tail rl-silvery back patternmarbled salamander
chin cheek sacsmexican treefrog
larger spadefootlarger spadefoot
retain gills, vertical/paddle tail, spottedgulf coast waterdog
retain gills, vertical/paddle tail, spottedmudpuppies, waterdogs
larger toe pads, disc and webbingpatterns on backs
round paratoudred-spotted toad
 frogs and toads
explosive breedersmexican burrowing toad
lungless, pedomorphic, retain larval characteristics
thick bodied, triangle forehead spotstrecker's chorus frog
long legstoprical frogs
two dorsal, wider face spotrio grande leopard frog
smaller spadefoodsmaller spadefoot
non-extensive webbing, long back legs, triangle behind eyenorthern cricket frog
lots of little spots
spots, rl-yellow spotsspotted salamander
four toes, very smalldwarf salamander
semi circle bossgreat plains toad
 lesser siren
thicker/flatter, pointy facedsheep frog
small and warty, round paratoidtexas toad

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