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Who can't swim in the deep end?
Denunez coached his sons' little league team. What was the team's name?
What was the other activity that the boys did besides play baseball?
What is the last name of the main character?
Tmmy and Tommy invented what that made them multi-millionaires?
What nickname does Benny acquire after he ''pickels the beast'
What was the professional wrestler name of Ham?
Finish the quote 'You play ball like a.....'
What do the boys name the baseball that Benny busted the guts out of?
What is the real name of the Beast?
What drink is Scotty having when he asks his stepdad to play catch?
Who played shortstop for the team?
After swearing off the hard stuff, what brand of gum do the boys stick to?
What animal was on the Scotty's first baseball hat
Who gave Scotty a plastic toy mitt when he was 7?
What did Scotty think Ham said when he said 'The Great Bambino'?
What famous baseball player visited Benny in a dream?
What was the name of the town's drug store?
What tasty treat did the kids have at the campout?
Finish the quote 'Yeah yeah so does my .....but I didn't bring her'
Where does Benny tell Scotty to throw his old hat?
What song was playing when the kids when on the amusement park ride?
What was the name of the man who owned the Beast?
How many attempts did the boys make to retreive the ball?
What age did the Beast live to in dog years?
Finish the quote 'If my dog was as ugly as you, I would.......?
What chore did Scotty's mom make him do before the campout?
What is Benny's full name?
What song was played when the crosstown rival baseball team come to the Sandlot?
Yeah Yeah became a proponent of what extreme sport?
Who did Squints end up marrying?
What brand of cereal boxes does Squints make his telescope out of?
What was used by Scotty's stepdad to stop the swelling of his black eye?
What color were Wendy Peffercorn's sunglasses at the pool?
On what holiday do the boys have a night game?
Finish the quote 'Even my mom a .......knew who Babe Ruth was'
What number did Benny when he played professional baseball?
What professional team did Benny end up playing for?
What does Scotty do as a career when he gets older?
How much did a baseball cost in their town?
What event/picnic is occurring in the town, that Benny and the Beast run through
Ham played what position for the team?
What baseball team's hat did Benny give to Scotty?
What was the first name of Scotty's stepdad?
What grade did Scotty move to the town?
What toy set does Scotty play with alot and use to retreive the ball?
What brand of shoes did Benny use to jump the fence?
Where did Scotty's stepdad go for a week of business?
What object fill onto the Beast after the chase?
Scotty plays what position?

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