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Only Pokémon with a double resistance to fairy
Only Pokémon with a Pokédex number 0 in any Pokédex
Pokémon with the most resistances.
Lightest fully evolved Pokémon
Only Pokémon to evolve using Pokémon-Amie
The Pokémon who is tied for shortest, and for lightest at the same time.
Only Pokémon who has a Pokédex number in front of the grass starter in its reigonal Pokédex
Shortest fully evolved Pokémon (not including Pokémon who don't evolve)
Only Pokémon to have the same number in the National Pokédex, and its Regional Pokédex (Not including Gen 1)
Only Pokémon which has a diacritical mark in its english name (the mark is the glyph around the é in Pokémon)
Only Family that cannot damage a Pokémon unless damaged by that Pokémon
Only Pokémon family to have no weaknesses as of Gen 6.
Only Pokémon family able to have a weakness more than 4x
Only Pokémon to be part of an international racism controversy
Only Pokémon with an apostrophe in its name.
Only Pokémon to have a less number of types then its pre-evolution(s)

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