Harry Potter Spells, Charms, and More

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Can you name the Harry Potter Spells, Charms, and More?

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Amplifies voice
Summons Object
Enlarges an Item
Disarms Opponent
Starts Fire
Erase Memories
Produces a Snake
Makes Teeth Grow
Kills Opponent
Erases Last Cast Spell
Heals Minor Wounds
Summons The Dark Mark
Opens Locks
Locks Opponents Legs
Creates Patronus
Creates Light
Extinguishes Light
Repairs Broken Item
Causes Lacerations To Appear on Opponents Body
Forces Opponents Legs to Dance Uncontrollably
Tortures Opponent
Immobilize The Target
User Gets Full Control Over Another Person
Moves a Body One Place To Another
Makes Things Quiet, Used To Muffle 'Sonorus'
Make Birds Fly Out of End of Wand
Makes Invisible Ink Visable
Makes Opponent Temporarily Confused
Reveals Last Cast Spell on a Wand
Protects User and Sends A Spell Back To Opponent

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