Harry Potter Wands

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Can you name the Harry Potter Wands?

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Wand InformationCharacter
Ash, 12 1/4', Unicorn Hair
Elm, 18', Dragon Heartstring
Holly, 11', Phoenix Tail Feather
Cherry, 8 3/4', Unicorn Hair
Cherry, 13', Unicorn Hair
Chestnut, 9 1/4', Dragon Heartstring
Oak, 16'
Wand InformationCharacter
Yew, 13 1/2', Phoenix Feather
Hornbeam, 10 1/4, Dragon Heartsting
Elder, 15', Thestral Hair
Vine, 10 3/4', Dragon Heartstring
Rosewood, 9 1/2', Veela Hair
Walnut, 12 3/4', Dragon Heartstring
Hawthorn, 10', Unicorn Hair
Willow, 14', Unicorn Hair

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