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The Leaf's best interrogator
Scarred guard of the Fourth Hokage
Kabuto's revived Mist sensor
Teacher of Sage Techniques
Is an Enka-Ninja master
User of the Iron Sand Technique
The Leaf's elite tutor
Can control the Three Tails
The 'Lucky Seven'
Fifth Hokage's youngest apprentice
Proctor for the Chunin Exam Finals
Uses Lava Release thanks to his Tailed Beast
The brother of the Sand Elders
Wields the blunt sword
User of the Ice Release
General of the Samurai
The Legendary Sucker's personal pet
Monster of the Hidden Mist
Gave his life to steal the snake's arms
Summons a murder of crows in battle
Born with two separate Bloodline Limits
Sole user of the Kotoamatsukami
Back pains likely stem from her large breasts
Eats his potatoes with mayo
Mother of the Sand Siblings
The twin whose head is in the front
Lost to a puppet in the Chunin Exam Prelims
Broke free from the Edo Tensei
Sand spirit
Tsunade's grandmother
Akatsuki's sole beauty
Fights better when intoxicated
First user of the Edo Tensei
Leader of the Rain Genin trio
Stole the Second Hokage's sword
Jiraiya's first apprentice
The Uchiha founder's younger brother
Summons clams
Has a bust size of 106 centimeters
Sealed in Nii
Former resident of the Hot Springs Village
Mind reader on the interrogation squad
Sasori's agent in the Hidden Sand
Earth user of the Sound Five
Wields all seven of the legendary swords
Master of the Haimaru Brothers
Wields the lightning fang swords
Member of 'Root' and a medic
Leader of the Cloud
Committed suicide for saving his friends
Summons weasels in battle
Runs Naruto's favorite restaurant
Host of the Seven Tails
Uses a conch shell to fight the Zombie Duo
Tomboy from the Whirlpool Country
Creator of the Raikiri
King of the Sage Monkeys
Myobokuzan's Toad Sage
Stole 'The Mirage's Sharingan
Uses his predecessor for the puppet technique
Absorbed Sasuke's chakra in the Chunin Exams
Third Tsuchikage's granddaughter
Sealed in the Kage of the Bloody Mist
Pseudo-host of the Nine Tails
Proctor of the Chunin Exam Semifinals
Envies the clouds
Personal summon of the Third Hokage
Genetic copy of the Senju's leader
Kisame's sensei
Sealed in the moon
His eyes can block the Byakugan's vision
Fourth Kazekage's Right-hand man
Turns red after eating a soldier pill
The Third Hokage's wife
Naruto's true side
Neji's father
Grandson of the carpenter
Father of the pseudo-host
Arch rival of the Uchiha Clan founder
Summoner of the strict Ninkame
Leader during the 'Bloody Mist'
Confessed her love while fighting a god
Is the Jonin Commander of the Leaf
Younger sister of the Hyuga heir
Boss Toad's oldest son
The Eight Tails' host looked up to her
Sealed in the Bubble-user
His tongue is sealed while his master lives
Helped transplant her teammate's eye
Can infect foes with microscopic insects
Attacks with sound wave vibrations
Uses Soap Bubble Ninjutsu
Uses bells to cast illusions
Spits out rock golems
Konohamaru's bespectacled teammate
Wields the needle sword
Hates Madara Uchiha for controlling him
The third Senju brother
Spits sticky syrup to slow opponents
Died at the same time as his rival
Uses puppets to switch minds with others
Wields the blast sword
Freaks out when called a certain 'f' word
Grandmother of the Red Sands
Expert of the 'silent kill'
Orochimaru's first apprentice
Brother of the interrogator
Leader of the Hidden Waterfall
Killed his older brother to gain power
Boss Toad's younger son
Eats the corpses of both friends and foes
The most powerful of snake summons
User of the Crystal Release
Head of the Hyuga Clan
Created Akatsuki in the Hidden Rain
Student of the Fifth Kazekage
Taught Sasuke the Great Fireball Technique
Provided the Copy Ninja's left eye
Source of Orochimaru's Cursed Seal
Killed Hayate Gekko
Businessman in the Land of Waves
Host of the Five Tails
The male of Leaf's Elder Council
Mangetsu's younger brother
Had only Sharingan on Tobirama's last squad
Bore the child of the Third Hokage's son
Master of the living dead
Named after the Leaf Village
Gave the Sannin their title
Student of the Six Tails host
Famous Magnet user from the cloud
Gets upset when his friends forget him
Uchiha's strongest
Kurotsuchi's father
A 'fatty' from the Third Hokage's youth
Has control over bats
The female of Leaf's Elder Council
Wielder of Gold Dust
Stole the Byakugan from a fallen opponent
Can't recognize the growth of his pet
Silver brother
Is genetically the half-sibling of the Hyuga heir
Only weapon is a flute
Boss of the toads
Lost to Temari in the Chunin Exam Prelims
Art is a bang!
Loves a good funeral
Only Sound Five that wears a headband
Conquered a country with a single technique
Monk and former-Twelve Ninja Guardian
Has exploding fists
Former host of the One Tail
Gold brother
Carpenter in the Land of Waves
The 'Sixth Hokage''s personal summon
Fought the Third Raikage one-on-one in the past
Almost died to protect his son from Pain
Fires pressurized air from his palms
Scared her husband away
Takes out her hatred on Naruto
Mummifies her opponents
Had the highest overall Academy grades
Brother of the Fifth Hokage
Fights with seven swords at once
Is a 'good boy'
The twin whose head is in the back
The Raikage's personal medic
Cloud Ninja who tried to kill a man he respects
Lover of the Fifth Hokage
Father of the bug user
Sealed in Han
Son of the Fourth Hokage
Guard of Orochimaru's prison
Revealed Naruto's status as a host
Developed the Chimera Technique
A's father
Konohamaru's female teammate
Always says 'hot'
Clumsy giant toad
Host of the Ten Tailed Beast
Had soul removed by the Human Path
Was sealed in an everlasting illusion
Told his student to protect the 'King'
Creator of the Rasengan
User of the Storm Release
Second user of the Dust Release
A bespectacled Mist swordsman
Uses soft paws as incentive
Failed a mission to assassinate Hashirama

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