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'84: Calendar date with which the 20th century beganThe Calendar
'84: It carries more water than the longest rivers in Asia, Africa & North America combinedRivers
'85: Appropriate astrological sign shared by Britain's Princesses Anne & MargaretThe Zodiac
'85: Of the 7, this continent has the greatest number of independent countriesThe Continents
'86: Mother of Bonnie Blue, she ran a sawmill after the Civil WarFictional Characters
'86: In 1971, this agency left the Cabinet & became a non-profit corporationU.S. Government
'87: It's the largest island in the Mediterranean SeaIslands
'87: As bushido was to 16th century samurai, this was to 12th century knightsCodes of Honor
'88: As the Constitutional bicentennial reminded us, the Constitution was signed on this date in 1787Holidays and Observances
'88: Of all fresh fruits, the U.S. imports more of this one than any otherWorld Trade
'89: The 2 'High' films in which Grace Kelly starredFilm of the 1950's
'89: More Congressional Medal of Honor winners have come from this war than any otherAwards
'90: 2 words having to do with parenthood that are anagrams of 'Parental'Anagrams
'90: The last full-length cartoon feature Walt Disney supervised personally, it was set in IndiaDisney
'91: 1 of 2 women who made the Top 10 on Forbes' list of the highest-earning entertainers of 1989-90Famous Women
'91: The first two consecutive presidents who were from the same stateU.S. Presidents
'92: The only VP to become president not immediately after his vice presidential term20th Century Vice Presidents
'92: An anthem that he composed for George II's 1727 coronation has been used for British crownings ever sinceComposers
'93: His books 'No Easy Walk to Freedom' & 'The Struggle Is My Life' were published during his imprisonmentPolitical Leaders
'93: Elected to the House Of Representatives in 1966, he was the first Republican to represent HoustonPoliticians
'94: Mrs. Patrick Campbell said of this vegetarian, 'God help us if he should ever eat a beefsteak'Playwrights
'94: 1 of the top 10 companies that operated food services in 1964, in 1994 its lunch counters ranked No. 264Business & Industry
'95: Oscar Collazo, serving a life sentence for his assassination attempt on this president, was released in 1979Notorious
'95: This state capital was a compromise choice between North Platters & South PlattersState Capitals
'96: His fascination with clowns & make-believe may have begun when he ran off with Pierino's Circus as a childForeign Directors
'96: In 1543 he wrote, 'Finally we shall place the sun himself at the center of the universe'Scientists
'97: This product's 'Whole Thing' commercial is in the Clio Hall of FameAdvertising
'97: In the 1830s settlers gave this city its name in the hope of having the University of Mississippi placed thereSouthern Cities
'98: In February 1998 David Satcher was sworn in to this post, left vacant since 1994The Clinton Administration
'98: This body meets on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December, but only once every 4 yearsThese United States
'99: This animal's name is from Bantu for 'mock man'Animals
'99: This man whose invention was used to call for help held a ticket for the voyage but changed his plansThe Titanic
'00: In 1961 John F. Kennedy helped this man's widow get permission to go to Cuba to pick up her late husband's papersAuthors
'00: This brand name comes from machines devised by Benjamin Holt to crawl over soft farmlandMachines
'01: In the 1890s he established steamer lines on the Great Lakes to control the transport of iron to PittsburghBusiness Biggies
'01: On July 13, 1859 he told Horace Greeley, 'I have fifteen wives; I know no one who has more'Historic Quotations
'02: After a demonstration of this, the April 8, 1927 New York Times said, 'Commercial use in doubt'Technology
'02: IBM engineer Dave Bradley is called the father of this multi-key combinationComputer History
'03: Robert Chesebrough named this brand for the German word for water & the Greek word for olive oilBrand Names
'03: On Sept. 8, 1565 the first Catholic parish in what is now the U.S. was founded at this settlementEarly American History
'04: A Spanish dictionary defines it as 'circulo maximo que equidista de los polos de la tierra'Country Names
'04: After his public comments were criticized by FDR, he resigned his Air Corps Reserve commission in April 1941Famous Americans
'05: By weight, this element makes up more of the human body than all the others combinedThe Elements
'05: The towns of Vierville-sur-Mer & Colleville-sur-Mer entered history with this 2-word area named for a U.S. cityHistoric Places
'06: Appropriately, this word comes from Greek words meaning 'sharp' & 'dull'Word Origins
'06: Robert Armin played the role of the fool in 'As You Like It', in 'Twelfth Night' & in this tragedy 1st published in 1608Actors & Plays
'07: The middle initial of this cartoon critter introduced in 1949 stands for EthelbertAnimated Characters
'07: According to the Mayo Clinic, allergies to these are the USA's most common cause of life-threatening allergic reactionsHealth & Medicine
'08: Created in 1970 & made up of 3 arrows, the universal symbol for this was based on the Mobius stripSigns & Symbols
'08: The co-founder of this respected organization refused to appear on the cover of Time magazine, even with his back turnedOrganizations
'09: In 1945 Mr. & Mrs. Shoen founded it after no one locally would rent them a trailer for their move from L.A. to PortlandAmerican Business
'09: The ancient Greek name of this country means 'one house', maybe reflecting that the area had only 1 templeEuropean Place Names
'10: A theory of the origin & spread of humankind is called this, also the title of an Oscar-winning movie of the 1980sEarly Man
'10: Created in 1950, he finally hit a home run on March 30, 1993Comic Strip Characters

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