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'84: Of the 5 continents symbolized by Olympic rings, only one never to hold GamesThe Olympics
'84: The mammal that holds the record for the longest lifespanScience
'85: Last Communist party chief of the U.S.S.R. to leave office without dyingWorld Politics
'85: Over 1/2 of Fortune 500 and 42% of all N.Y. Stock Exchange companies are incorporated in this stateBusiness and Industry
'86: 1 of 3 actors who won Best Actor Oscar for playing an actorActors & Roles
'86: Of the 25 lawyers who have been President, he served most recentlyPresidents
'87: In 1946 in Missouri, Churchill said, 'From Stettin... to Trieste,' it 'has descended across the continent'Famous Quotes
'87: The last movie in black & white to win Best Picture was this 1960 Billy Wilder filmThe Oscars
'88: The 2 longest rivers found in Idaho, both named for animals which begin with 'S'U.S. Rivers
'88: This major North American city is built around the mountain for which it's namedWorld Cities
'89: It was the 1st country to use paper moneyMoney
'89: According to the Browning poem, he could also get rid of 'The mole and toad and newt and viper'Fictional Characters
'90: This city didn't exist at the time of the Trojan War so Paris couldn't have abducted Helen from thereAncient Times
'90: If Prince Charles keeps his name when he becomes king, this number will follow itRoyalty
'91: Her 1st husband, Alexandre de Beauharnais, fought in both the American & French RevolutionsWomen in HIstory
'91: This country's national anthem is 'William of Nassau'National Anthems
'92: This sparsely populated state has the highest percentage of its workforce in tourism, about a thirdTravel & Tourism
'92: Story that begins, 'Whoever has made a voyage up the Hudson must remember the Kaatskill Mountains'American Stories
'93: In 1529 this Spaniard was made Marques del Valle de OaxacaHistoric Names
'93: The woman with the most quotes in the new edition of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations is this AmericanPoetry
'94: He's won 3 Pulitzer Prizes for drama--in 1967, 1975 & 1994Playwrights
'94: This Republican was the first V.P. to succeed to the presidency and then win the office by electionVice Presidents
'95: Operas based on this author's works include 'Il Talismano', 'Il Templario' & 'La Prigione d'Edimburgo'Literary Operas
'95: Jacques Chirac is the 5th president of the 5th Republic; he was the firstFrance
'96: During the 1920s the Progressive Party was headquartered in this capitalState Capitals
'96: The death of Denise Darvall in a traffic accident permitted this historic December 3, 1967 eventMedical Firsts
'97: In 1996, 7 years after giving up law, he returned to a Mississippi courtroom & won a case for an old clientAuthors
'97: This state capital rose from the ruins of a Hohokam Indian settlementThe Western U.S.
'98: This 1726 satire reported the existence of Mars' 2 moons 151 years before Asaph Hall discovered themEnglish Literature
'98: In 1980 he hosted a 10-part PBS series & co-authored the companion book, both titled 'Free to Choose'Economists
'99: He made the cover of Life magazine 3 times in February & March of 1962, & again in October 1998People
'99: Once an art gallery, since 1961 it's been a shrine to the musical style said to have originated nearbyAmerican Buildings
'00: Former Monty Python member John Cleese has joined a campaign to save this bird from extinctionEcology
'00: A plaque in Monument Park honors this ex-'Cardinal' for a 1979 event held at the stadiumYankee Stadium History
'01: A study done in South Africa put these non-primates above chimpanzees, making them the world's second-smartest speciesLife Science
'01: It was the first U.S. city to host a cow parade, hundreds of fiberglass cows by artists, placed around the city1999 Art News
'02: The tiered steeple of St. Bride's Church in London inspired the traditional form of this festive itemArchitecture & Society
'02: Other than Washington, D.C., it's the only world capital named for an AmericanWorld Capitals
'03: He was the first president to use a middle nameU.S. Presidents
'03: 'The Road to Middle-Earth' is a book about this writerNonfiction Books
'04: The watch Timex introduced in 1986 for this event in Hawaii quickly became the best-selling watch in AmericaSports & Business
'04: This Charlie Chaplin film lent its name to a famous bookstore that recently celebrated its 50th anniversaryFilm Titles
'05: A poor couple window-shopping a diamond bracelet at this store inspired the song 'I Can't Give You Anything But Love'1920's Nostalgia
'05: After being subdued by the Franks in the 700s, this people formed a kingdom at Pamplona in the 800sEurope
'06: In the 56 years from 1948 to 2004, he appeared 48 times on the Gallup Poll's annual 'Most Admired' listsReligious Personalities
'06: The only time 3 African-American women were nominated for Oscars for work in the same movie was for this filmAfrican-American Actresses
'07: Novel inspired by a vision of a 'pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together'Novel Inspirations
'07: In 1947 this team chose not to be called the 'Nickels' but instead paid homage to a Western heroPro Football
'08: He was the 118th man to fly across the Atlantic OceanAviation History
'08: When this president & his wife didn't want to be understood by others, they spoke to each other in ChineseU.S. Presidents
'09: Pope Sixtus' death in 1590 ended his plan to convert this, still in Rome today, to a wool factory to employ city prostitutesHistoric Structures
'09: Poland's Independence Day commemorates this month & day in 1918Independence Days
'10: Unique quality of 'First Communion of Anemic Young Girls in the Snow', shown at the 1883 Arts Incoherents exhibitArt History
'10: When this animated TV show premiered, it was sponsored by One-A-Day vitamins & Winston cigarettesTV History

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