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Force of Magnetic Field on a moving charge (formula)
∫B*dl = (formula)
Magnetic field outside of a wire (formula)
A wire of length L carrying a current I travels perpendicularly to a magnetic field B. What is the magnetic force on the wire?
Right hand rule determines the direction of v, L and B for what polarity of charge?
Unit of magnetic fields
What is the magnetic polarity of the Earth's North Pole?
A wire carries a current. Where is its magnetic field strongest?
Where is a magnetic monopole found.
A circular loop of wire of radius R carries a constant current I and is placed in a magnetic field B. What is the net force of on the loop of wire?
An electron travels from left to right in a region with an electric field E into the page and magnetic field B. What is the dir of the B field?
2 parallel wires a dist D apart carry currents in the same dir. The current of left wire = I, right wire = 2I. What dist from the left wire is B=0?
3 parallel wires, dist D from the nearest wire, carry equal currents from the bottom of the page up. Where, relative to the right wire, is the B field out of the page greatest?
A solenoid with current I, turns N, and length L contains a magnetic field B. If the solenoid is stretched such that its length is doubled, what is the new B?
A wire of length L, current I and mass M on Earth (gravity=g) floats in a magnetic field B. What is the magnitude of B?
A wire bent into a square with side L and clockwise current I in a magnetic field B from left to right. What is the torque on the square wire?
The polarity of an unmarked magnet can be determined with a _____.
The force on a conductor of length L and carrying a current of I that makes an angle @ with a magnetic field of intensity B is ____.
A particle of mass m and charge q travels perpendicularly to a magnetic field B in a circle of radius R. What is its velocity?
A wire carries a current of non-uniform distribution of I=Io(r^3). If the radius of the wire increases by a factor of 3, by what factor does the B field on the surface of the wire?

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