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Can you name the musical groups or artists that start with the letter W?

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ClueMusical Act or Artist
He stole Taylor's microphone and her moment but not her pride.
He was the ultimate Dream Weaver
Their fourth album was Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.
Founded by David Weiss and Don Fagenson
A country icon with the same name as his musical father
Front man and founder of the Black Eyed Peas
This Motown artist is the sunshine in many lives.
They love wrapping at Christmas time
In 1981, she was popular with the Kids in America.
She won 5 Grammy's for Back to Black but is a train wreck in her personal life.
Meg and Jack put more than their name into this band
They don't know why they just can't be your friend?
ClueMusical Act or Artist
These white boys could really play some funky music
Titan of rock and roll with only 2 of 4 original members still alive
Original leader of the Baby's, he hit it big with Missing
George Michael was once their leader.
Glam metal band out of Hollywood
For them, it only rains men.
This new era folk trio was named after a NYC park.
Jazz fusion artist or what we listen to before we leave the house in the morning.
You might find them on their island in the sun
The son of Robert Zimmerman is their talented leader.
Founded by a former Deep Purple vocalist in the 70's.
This Florida band recently released their second album titled Smile Kid.

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