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Can you name the famous nicknames of these sports positions and teams?

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Team Nickname
1924 Notre Dame backfield
1927 New York Yankees batting order
1934 St. Louis Cardinals
1936 Fordham line
Early 1940s Chicago Bears
1944-46 Army backfield
1950 Philadelphia Phillies
Late 1960s-70s Los Angeles Rams defensive line
Late 1960s-70s Minnesota Vikings defensive line
Late 1960s-70s Dallas Cowboys defense
1969 New York Mets
Early 1970s Washington Redskins
1970-76 Cincinnati Reds
1972 Miami Dolphins Defense
1972–78 Philadelphia Flyers
Team Nickname
1970s Pittsburgh Steelers defensive
1970s Denver Broncos defense
1977-78 New York Yankees
1978–86 San Diego Chargers offense
1980 Cleveland Browns
1982 Milwaukee Brewers
1982-84 Houston basketball
Mid 1980s Miami Dolphin defense
Mid 1980s-90s New York Giants defense
1980s Los Angeles Lakers
1980s Detroit Pistons
1980s Miami Hurricanes
1980s-Early 1990s Washington Redskins offensive line
1991 Michigan Basketball recruiting class
1999-01 St. Louis Rams

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